Bulgarian Translations

I’m learning my wife’s language, Bulgarian, and we have noticed that many of the sentences are poorly translated. Is there a mechanism to mark these for someone to fix later, or would I have to post them? This would be a good feature to improve the translations across all the languages.

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Are you referring to a lesson text? If so, in what course exactly you see mistakes?

In several of the mini-stories. I didn’t keep track, but most recently in mini-story 52.

Thanks, we will look into it.

Ministory 5, this line.
Тя също има много домашни
She also has a lot of pets.

not pets, homework.

There are a lot of examples of this in the ministories.

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Hi Raygor, thanks for reporting the issue. these are actually automatic translations from Google. we will try to add manual translations to Bulgarian mini stories as we have added to many other languages. thanks for your patience.

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Just saw this comment from raygor and totally agree. It is not rare that you get for the Bulgarian language totally wrong translations. As a result I often research on other sources for the correct meaning. That is very annoying and time consuming!!!

Is it possible to easily make copies of the mini stories, so we could edit our own translations. I suppose I could copy/paste into my own import, but would it be easy to get the audio as well?

Or is there a way I can sign up and volunteer to correct all these (with the help of my Bulgarian wife).

Hi, they will be fixed this week but if you like to volunteer in Bulgarian library that’s great. please send an email to me at sahra @ ling.com and I will add you to the list of librarians. thanks.

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