Bulgarian text-to-speech

I noticed that Clozemaster has recently added text-to-speech for Bulgarian, which sounds … not perfectly convincing, but pretty good, all things considered. I wonder if it is running a recently developed algorithm which LingQ would also be able to use, since the original Bulgarian text-to-speech sounded like it was actually just running Russian text-to-speech instead (and now seems to have been disabled entirely)?

Although there are some translation issue with the text. I assume everything is auto-translated.

I’m not actually sure where Clozemaster’s text comes from, or how it was translated. It at least seems to be mostly one consistent corpus - pretty much the only male character is called Tom and the only female character is called Mary, and the only language they ever speak about, apart from English, is French … though I was surprised to see the internet proverb ‘Trolling is a art’ appear as one of their sentences (rendered into Bulgarian as ‘Да бъдеш трол е изкуство’ if I remembered correctly, but I guess the ethics of including a deliberate mistake equivalent to the English original is a fraught question). I have reported occasional mistakes that I’ve spotted, so I guess it may well be auto-translated.

Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll check if there is a chance we can use this TTS system for Bulgarian after our update.