Bulgarian question: рядка кашлица

In the story of the Fox and the Stork, there is a sentence that goes “сипала му кума лиса рядка кашлица в широка купа”. Based on the story that I know, this ought to mean something like she poured out for him [some kind of soup] into a wide bowl.

But рядка кашлица appears to translate as ‘rare cough’. The ‘rare’ I could get if it is talking about something of unusual quality, but does кашлица have some alternative meaning that doesn’t show up in the normal dictionary that would make it make sense?

кума лиса means The Fox (in a fairy tale context)
кашлица is a mistake, should be кашица, diminutive of каша, porridge–I’ve corrected this.
These were nice additions, not sure where he got the translations from.

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