Bulgarian Question: прави гимнастика

Баба Галуна винаги става рано. Отива в градината и прави гимнастика. Is LingQ trying to figure out if I am paying attention? Or does the 93 year old Baba Galuna really go out in the garden every day to practice gymnastics?? Login - LingQ

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Hi, I posted this from a Peace Corps book: гимнастика means “exercises” and so it’s not so strange, but good on her anyway! Nice to hear from others that are learning Bulgarian.

Thanks. I am loving these lessons! After I posted, I started to wonder if a better word might be “calisthenics”. I have seen elderly people practicing calisthenics in the public gardens of Japan. To go outside and stretch and do movement makes sense for a nonagenarian.

Here are some examples of “calisthenics”:

I think it is not what you had in mind