Bulgarian question: не го свърта

I came across the expression ‘не го свърта’ in this story - Login - LingQ and I think that the meaning should be something like ‘he wouldn’t feel at home’, but Eurodict (my main reference for words that don’t make sense in LingQ’s inbuilt dictionary) doesn’t have that exact contruction, and anyway, ‘свъртам’ seems to have contradictory meanings of ‘to be restless/fidgetty’ and ‘to keep/hold onto’, and the reflexive form ‘свъртам се’ seems to mean something like ‘to stay’. Can anyone enlighten me?

something like “he’s restless there,” he can’t stay still there," or “he wants to go somewhere else.” свертам се comes from въртя се, to turn around or spin.

Thanks. I was confused why this phrase is in the negative, something like ‘it doesn’t spin him’, if it is talking about him being restless. I guess it is just an idiom that you have to learn.

Also, thanks generally - I’m aware that whenever I throw a Bulgarian question to the commentariat, in practice it’s always you who gets back to me first :slight_smile:

Yeah but always good to cast the questions to the whole community, others can get involved and see that things are happening in Bulgarian.

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That’s odd, I thought that I had posted this just a minute ago. Anyway here it is again: how did you add the missing clip timings for the story, by hand?

Timestamps were all in place for Пипи се настанява във Вила Вилекула (though I did edit a few by hand where they cut off the end of a word, and I deleted a few superfluous ones). The one where there was a section with missing timestamps was

like ресторант!