Bulgarian question - едно през друго

I have come across the phrase “едно през друго” in this lesson - Login - LingQ
From the context it looks like it ought to mean ‘one after another’, but I wouldn’t have expected през to be the linking word, since it normally means something like ‘through’ or ‘during’. Google Translate seems to think so too. Can anyone confirm that this phrase does in fact mean something like ‘one after another’ / ‘in quick succession’ or something like that?

They leave the store with a bunch of candy and basically they all jump in, grabbing, disordered, competing to get more. That’s basically what it means, it’s an expression and doesn’t translate so easily. A literal translation may be “one goes across the other” but the literal translation just doesn’t capture the meaning of the expression.

Thanks. I like the idea of the kids stuffing themselves with sweets so frenetically that they defy the law of physics that states that two pieces of candy cannot occupy the same space at the same time :slight_smile:

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By the way, I noticed that the time stamps run out at about 14 minutes. Had you been putting them in manually? If you like, I’ll try and do the rest, so that we can get sentence mode working for the last section of the story.

[Edit: I’ve taken the liberty of going ahead and doing that, so you should now be able to read the whole thing in sentence mode.]

Yeah I had noticed that but have not been working on that story and so left it. I tried several times to auto-generate the time stamps but the program never succeeded to get through to the end of the file, maybe a time limit (can’t imagine why). Thanks for doing this.

No problem. Although I also deleted some of the superfluous timestamps, when it would split off “…she said” as a separate sentence, or something like that, and now some of the Google Translate translations below the sentences seem to be out of sync. Sorry about that. I can’t edit them myself - I think you need to be the person who uploaded the lesson - so if you do have the time to correct those in the ‘clips’ tab on the import page when you come to study this one, that would be great.

I wonder if it would be better if I just delete all of the google translations in the clips tab and you could start over.

Sure, if that’s easy enough for you to do. Thanks.

Done, let me know if that works–who knows, could be that it only deletes translations that I had made.

@musicserver77 - Thanks. But I’m not sure if it helped - some of the Google-Translated sentences still seem to be out of place. But not all of them were that accurate anyway, so probably fair to just ignore them anyway and rely on making a lingq to auto-translate a phrase. At least Bulgarian doesn’t seem to do that thing that Dutch and German do, of splitting a verb up into two separate pieces, and then placing them more than nine words apart so that the software can’t translate the whole phrase.