Bulgarian question: все някак си ще се оправя

This is Pippi Longstocking’s phrase, but I can’t figure out if the ‘оправя’ is the 1st person singular of (perfective?) оправя, or the 3rd person singular of (imperfective) оправям, i.e. whether I should interpret this as ‘somehow or other I’ll be fine (as a completed action)’, or ‘somehow or other, it’ll be fine (as an ongoing state of affairs)’. Or whether I’ve just missed a grammar point and one of those interpretations is invalid anyway. Anyone able to help?

My wife thinks that it’s perfective (finished form) first person, « I’ll find a way, I’ll manage »; she’s talking about herself. Btw she learned Bulgarian in Bulgarian, the words perfective and imperfective don’t exist in Bulgarian, at any rate she didn’t learn it that way.

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