[BUG][WEB] Exiting sentence mode advances to next page in page mode

Firefox 123.0.1
Windows 10 Pro
Language: Korean, French. Other languages not tested.
Occurrence rate: 100%

I start in page mode, then enter sentence mode. Without interacting with sentence view at all, I change back to page mode. The page immediately advances to the next page without me interacting with the page at all, after a short delay (1-2 seconds).

For example, I am on page 8/11. I go to sentence mode. I go back to page mode. I am still on page 8/11 for a second or two, not touching anything, then the page automatically advances to page 9/11. To keep reading where I was up to, I have to go back one page to page 8/11.

When I go back to the previous page I was on, all the blue words are still blue, as if the paging hadn’t happened.

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Thanks, we’ll look into that.

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