Bugs in every Japanese mini-story

The problem doesn’t happen in audio recordings of entire sentences, in either sentence view or page view. It happens when you click on a single word and the audio pronounces it. Most of those brief audio clips are correct, but a few of them (for short words) are bizarrely wrong! Instead of pronouncing words like WA, GA and YA, the voice spells them out in English, saying “double-you-eiy” etc.

This is very irritating, since these words appear in most Japanese sentences. The good news is that the problem can be fixed quickly. For example, changing the single-word audio clip for WA once will fix hundreds of sentences. There may be 7 to 10 audio clips that need fixing, in the entire 60 mini-stories.


Thanks, we will investigate the issue.

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An update on this problem, and a second similar problem.

Update: I have found this problem in several words written phonetically (in Hiragana), including wa, ga, no, to, de, no, hou, toiu…

2d problem. This one affects words written in Kanji (characters). The problem is saying the wrong word. Here is one example:

The Kanji 外 can represent the word “soto” or the word “gai”. In the sentence しかし外は寒すぎますin mini-story #20 this kanji represents “soto”. If you click on “say the whole sentence” it says “soto”. But if you click on the individual word, it says “gai”. The furigana above the character says “gai”. So the furigana and the individual-word speech are both wrong (or at least don’t match the full-sentence speech).

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