Bugs in Android app


I’d like to know whether:

  1. others experience bugs described below,

  2. the stuff is working on them.

  3. The first of the very annoying bugs is that whenever I mark a word as ignored (click a word, press “ignore” in the sidebar), the app freezes for a short while, then scrolls to the top and again to where I paused my reading. It’s irritating to the point that I gave up on marking the words even though I want to do it.

  4. The second one causes the app to do almost nothing when I get to the bottom of a text and press “mark blue words as known” (it’s the only button at the bottom). It displays the loading icon in the middle of the text for a couple of seconds and then doesn’t display the next screen with results (number of lingqs and known words added). It also doesn’t mark the words as known. I have to manually go back to the lessons page, enter the lesson and press the button one more time for it to work.

  5. The third bug is that sometimes (more often than not) it takes about 20-30 seconds before the sidebar with the hints loads. I am absolutely sure that it has nothing to do with my internet connection which is too fast for a couple of words to download so slowly.

  6. Bug no. 1 sometimes happens randomly while reading and interrupts the whole process.

The issues exist on a Nexus 7 with Android 4.3.1 and some LG phone with Android 4.4.2.

I love LingQ but the experience is rather unpleasant when you can’t use the app properly.

Thanks and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hi Algiegray,
I am sorry to hear that you are haveving so much trouble using our Android app.
I’ve tried to reproduce bugs which you’ve reported and I can’t any of it.
“Ignore” button works fine, without any scrolling to the top. “Move All Blue Words to Known” also works perfectly fine for me.
Sidebar loads really quckly for me, without any 20-30 seconds delay.

Can you please try to reinstall the app and check if that will help?

Sorry, I meant to reply to this earlier: I too often experience these two problems on my two android devices (a kindle fire and some samsung phone). And I agree, they’re pretty infuriating, especially the “scroll to the top” problem.

I’ve reported them before to the lingq team, but unfortunately the Android app has always been something of a second-class citizen here…

I experience the jumping to the top problem too. It also happens when I use the “known” button beside the “ignore” button - the ones at the bottom of the pop-out that you use without making a lingq. I am using a Samsung phone.

Reinstalling on both devices made no noticeable difference. The issues still occur.

I meant exactly that ignore button. I barely use the known one so there is a possibility that I’d experience it too.

Yes, it can happen any time you change the status of a word in the android app. It has to do with how the page refreshes, I think: sometimes if you wait long enough, it will jump back down to the correct position where the LingQ is located in the text, but other times after jumping to the top of the text it just stays there and I have to scroll down to find the new lingq in the text.

The problem seems to occur the most often when I’m working with a long text. I often experience it with Italian books with long chapters, but it happens less frequently in my Greek texts because they’re relatively short.

That’s actually a very important point that I forgot to mention. I spend 90% of my time on LingQ reading 2000 word texts (which the website created automatically by dividing the original text). The length of a given piece could cause the issue to occur more often.

Hi everyone,
New Android App version should now be available on Google Play. Please update the app and let us know if you can see any improvement on this bugs which you’ve mentioned.

Thanks for the quick response. Sadly, it got even worse. I updated the app, restarted the device (just to be on the safe side) and now when I mark a word as ignored or known (by pressing buttons in the sidebar), it scrolls to the top and stays there (it used to go back after a couple of seconds).

I confirm, it didn’t fix the incredibly annoying “scroll to top” bug for me.

So is the new app working? Some friends of mine who are new to LingQ report that they haven´t been able to use it for more than a week. (I don´t know if they have become paying members yet. Would that make any difference?)

Edit: I guess it is working; I just checked and seem to have it on my phone, scroll to the top bug and all:). So I wonder what their problem is…

Sorry guys, we will fix this! Thanks for your patience!

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New app version 3.8.11 is now available on Google Play and “Scroll to top” bug is fixed. Thanks for being patient!

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