"bugged" word translation


Currently doing Spanish on Lingq and I have noticed the word “paseando” (walking) will not translate. When you click on the word Lingq bugs and have to go back into lesson. Have tried several times and on several different lessons. Not sure why.

Here is one example of where the word is found

Intermediate 1
Vida Sencilla
“Habitos de compra”

the word is found in first paragraph


I opened it. I was in “sentence” mode. First sentence loaded ok, but when I went to the next sentence, which may be the one with paseando in it, I get kicked out. I got into normal paragraph mode and if I try to open the lesson it bugs out as you say. I can’t even get to the point of trying to click on paseando. Very odd.

Very strange. But good catch! Not sure what’s going on with that word, but I reported it to our team and we will have it fixed.