[bug?]Changing time zone in profile does not work

Even if I change the time zone to Asia/Tokyo, after several days, it returns to UTC before I know it. Because of that issue, my daily achievements were cut off…

Does anyone have any idea to solve this issue?

I fixed your streak.
Do you change the time zone on the website? Are you sure changes were successfully saved? Do you see any error message on the page when you make changes?

Thank you for fixing my streak!

Yes, I do. When I change the time zone, then I check it again after a few min and find it working. But after several days, it suddenly changes to UTC.

Now, my time zone is correct. (Asia/Tokyo is correct) I hope it will be kept.:cry:

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Hi, Im currently on vacation in a time zone that’s one hour behind on my usual one. My phone‘s time changed, but I lost my streak at 11pm, thinking I still had an hour left :(((

@mila234 I fixed your streak. :slight_smile:

Thank you!!! Have a nice day (or night)!