I tried another one. The same result.
The link to the video: Entra - LingQ
The link to the only lession generated: Entra - LingQ
I checked immediatelly after the lession was generated. Though, I realized, that lingq keeps working on imported videos in the background and adds audio files for example. When it the seperation into more than one lession done? Synchromnously at the beginning, or later in the background?

@alexanderburkhardt It’s done in the background and in some cases it can take a bit more time for additional parts to appear. Let me know if they get imported properly this time.

Unfortunately no. It didn’t work. Again only one video. Lingq imported only the first part.
And I just tried it again with this video: JUPITER - Planetas del sistema solar - Documental Universo HD - YouTube
Here’s the lession: Entra - LingQ

Thanks. We are looking into the issue and we will have it fixed asap.

Thanks! Let me know if I should try again.

Since yesterday everything seems to work fine. Since then I’ve successfully imported several videos from YouTube. This time for videos which were too long for one lession, multiple lessions were imported.