If I create LingQs, I get now (since a few days or so) very often this message:


“You have unsaved changes…” I must click OK to go on…

But all previous LingQs etc. are saved.

Are others users not getting these annoying messages? (I use Chrome 11.0.696.28 beta)

Does this result from a specific action or click?

I click on “New Hint” to create a LingQ, then the JavaScript alert pops up…

Hmm, interesting. Is the error reproducible or is it just random? I just tried creating several LingQs in Chrome and didn’t have any alert pop up.

Also, is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

The error comes up after creating a few LingQs, it goes away after reloading the page, but comes up again after creating a few new LingQs…

This behavior began last Thursday or so.

I am also trying it in Chrome with German as my Interface Language and I have no problems. Is there anything else in your settings that may be causing this. We are unable to reproduce the problem.