[BUG] wrong count and display of new words, LingQs in the lesson

I am experiencing a major bug concerning the basic function of LingQ. New words and LingQs are not counted correctly in the lesson anymore. E.g.: I should have 61 LingQs and 7 new words in a lesson, but only 12 LingQs and 1 new word are shown, i.e. I can not identify the LingQs and new words correctly what is the basic (and great) idea of LingQ. Consequently the word lists are wrong as well. When I go on with the lesson the word count (of LingQs and unknown words) goes up and the word list gets longer. But there are many LingQs and new words that are not recognized.

I am using Chrome on a desktop computer. Using Safari I experience the same problems. On Android the word count and vocabulary lists seem to be correct and LingQs and new words seem to be recognized correctly. On my iPad it is better than on my desktop computer, but the word lists are shorter than on my cellphone (Android), some words and expressions are missing.

Another problem: The count of the total of lessons in the course is “0”. E.g.: Lesson 361 / 0

I hope you can fix this.