Bug when moving blue words to "known"

I just finished going through a lesson, lingqing unknown words, and when I tried to move all the remaining blue words to “known” it didn’t bring up the window it normally does, and the words remained blue, so I tried again. Same problem. I went back to the main screen and noticed that my known words total had jumped twice the number of blue words I had left. I went back into the lesson and even reloaded the page. Words were still blue. I tried one more time and it increased my known words total again, but the words remain blue. So, I can’t clear the blue words and I have about 250 more known words in my total than I actually have accumulated.

I’m tempted to just keep clicking the button until I’m at the next level, but somehow that doesn’t seem honest. :slight_smile:

Also, I just noticed that the increase in known words is only happening in my top line number of Korean words known. My attempts to clear those words did not show up in my progress report on the side of the screen as known words added.

I have the same problem

Sorry about that. I’ll report this right away and we’ll do our best to fix this as soon as possible!



Any word on this? I’m not sure what to do as far as studying today. I don’t want to continue to get my known words and lingqs lists out of whack unless it’s going to be easily fixed whenever this problem is resolved.

My lingq is working again.

Issue should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience!

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Thanks! It is working again. The number at the top of the screen is still incorrect, though. For example, if I go to my Progress Snapshot and select “All Time” it says I have 9,158 known words. That is the correct number. However, at the top of my screen and in places like right above this comment, it says a few hundred more than that. Will that correct itself at some point?

Maybe that’s no big deal, but it kinda bothers me. :slight_smile:

Would you please clear your browser’s cache and check if numbers will be fine then? :slight_smile:

Nope, that didn’t fix it. And it shows up incorrect when I load the site on my iPad, too. Does it not show up differently for you if you go to my profile page? Compare my “all time” Korean stats on my Progress Snapshot to the number on my “I know X words” banner. The progress snapshot is the correct number.

OK, thanks for checking it. We will take a look and hopefully we will fix it soon!

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Hi again,
Just to let you know that Known Words counter should be working fine again.
Thanks for your patience!

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It’s working! Thank you.

Actually, the number at the top of the screen is correct, but the number on the badge widget is still incorrect. Or is that something that will correct itself as the change cycles through?

Badge should show correct number now. Thanks for letting us know about it!

Thanks for the quick response! Everything seems to be fixed now.