Bug when adding lessons

I’m working on adding the entire Anna Karenina recordings from LiberLiber into LingQ for Italian, and every time I add a new lesson, it is added not to the end of the queue of lessons, but five or six spots prior to the end. That is, if I’ve already imported 75 lessons, the next lesson will be added at spot 70 instead of spot 76. I have to go in and manually change every newly added lesson, which adds even more irritation to the already somewhat difficult process of bulk adding lessons here. If you take a look at the latest lesson my Anna Karenina course for Italian, you’ll see what I mean.

Easy fix, I hope?

Here is the link to the course:

Hi! Yes, when you add new lessons it adds the next number based on how many lessons are in the course. In this case, you had a jump from position 7 to position 12 and nothing in between, so I updated the position numbers for the lessons and it should now work properly :slight_smile:

I found it much more convenient when I was able to edit the number in the lesson. If you have a long course with about a hundred lessons and you want to change the number of the newest lesson, it lasts a long time. I often add lessons with special numbers, because they belong to a lesson in the middle of the course.

When we revisit the Import Lesson page we’ll see if we can improve this! I should mention though that since most people add lessons at the end of courses, we felt that showing this only on the Course page was sufficient in most cases, and helped simplify the Import Lesson page further.