[bug] Web app joins words

When highlighting words starting on one line and proceeding to the next, the web app joins the last word of the first line with the first word of the second line. In the example shown below, “Зачем тут стекло?” becomes “Зачемтут стекло?” which produces erroneous translation results and links.

The iOS app does not have this issue.

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And while you’re looking into this, half the time the app does not want to highlight multiple words under any circumstances. It often takes multiple tries to get it to highlight multiple words - if it does at all.

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Quite so.

I could easily write up 20 pages of bug reports, design errors and design suggestions on basic mouse-keyboard-event-handling in Sentence View.

Not that LingQ would care. I suspect the code is hopeless.

If I recall correctly, the app does several polls when highlight lingqs, part of this is for the auto-gen/play of the audio for the highlighted string, which may be failing and causing problems for you. If you’re okay with turning off the audio, you may have greater success. You can still play the audio at a later time. It’s just not auto-played and presumably, not created either.

I think you can turn it off with Settings → Reader → Auto play text-to-speech.


I am giving that a try. Seems far more responsive for sure.

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Fortunately it does basically work. The phone app is more efficient. I get a lot of value out of Lingq despite the blemishes.

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Sure. Me too.

Nonetheless it’s like a hammer that will only hit the nail half the time. LingQ is useable, but … why is it so bad?

I’m a retired professional programmer, going back to the first days of the Macintosh. I’ve never seen commercial software as slipshod as LingQ.


I too am a retired software developer. The iOS app tends to perform much better than the web app, but I find both useful. And the playlists are very helpful. Why is Windows so bad and always has been? Why is the PDF viewer on my Mac so bad that it can’t navigate to bookmarks? Why does the Apple “Notes” app not support standard keystrokes for “Paste and match style”? Why is the Apple desktop not as stylish as the Windows desktop?

None of the systems I use are perfect. There is an open source version of a language reader much like Lingq’s, but I did not find it was worth the trouble to host my own software.

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Oh, come on.

I’ve got plenty of gripes against Windows, Microsoft and Linux software, but I’ve never seen any software people pay money for which could not handle standard mouse-select, copy, paste, and keyboard shortcuts, sensibly and reliably.

I stand by my comments. Lingq is an amazing tool and works pretty well. Not flawless, but works and an essential language learning tool for me.

Someone suggested turning off “Auto play text-to-speech” in the web reader settings, and that does seem to make a big difference! So a lot of the web reader performance issues may be related to internet performance.

And wow! Transcribing captured audio has been a game changer!

But we’re talking free enterprise here, so no one is coerced into signing up for the service.

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i can not even create a new thread without facing a bug. Here I am writing about other bug that is very irritating.

At the end of the lesson when i click on > button. I am not being directed to the next lesson hence count for words read is not being added automatically. It is very irritating and time consuming to navigate through the website and open a new lesson.

Please fix this bug. I would like to read something in peace.

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We will look into this. Thanks.

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Do you read with a mobile app (iPhone/Android)? I find that often the iPhone app is more reliable.

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95% I use web version on my laptop . I also keep Anki open on the side when a phrase or collocation is very important to remember I add it to Anki on the go. I also create individual example sentences with that phrase/collocation by using ChatGPT and adding them in Anki. I do not know if it is all possible in Android app. I heard there are also issues for example reading words count is no being added automatically on iOS/Android. If it is already fixed then I may give it a try. If of course considering that there is some sort of stability going on with the interface.