[bug, unwanted change] I gather you guys did a realtime, online change again

I gather this, not because the change was announced, but because I was working happily along from early this morning until 14.00 hours this afternoon (Finnish time) and suddenly there it was. A bug, an unwanted change, announcing that someone, somewhere, committed an online change into the system. Please test better and just maybe start announcing changes, so we know when to expect trouble.

The change

The change I perceived is the following. [before situation] When entering a definition and the note, as soon as I have entered the definition, the dictionary list and popular definitions vanish from site, so I get a clear view of definition and note. [after situation] Now, when I enter the definition and press tab, the dictionary row and popular definitions remain visible. It takes a while to tab to the notes, because I have to tab over the different fields. Also, the overview is less simple and to the point. For already defined fields, the situation seems correct.

It is not fatal like the previous change, but it is annoying, and occurring every blue field that I define.

The second change

Later on I noticed a second change. The line-sync lags one line behind. I put this in a reply as well.
Unfortunately, this specific error extends to listening by sentence: the presentation lags one sentence behind. When I listen to the sentence 2 , get to hear sentence 3.

Can you please repair both changes involved?

There may be more bugs involved.

[2023.08.26] Today the problems appear to be solved: thank you!


I am afraid there is a bit more amiss. When I went to listen to one of the podcasts, suddenly, the line shown when listening with line-sync, is no longer in sync. It runs one line behind.

Can you please repair this bug as well?

What browser are you using? I am on Edge and all is working well.

I use chrome. I know, probably different browsers have different software versions to compensate for browser differences. You are right, it could make a difference.

Today, these problems seem to be solved: thank you!

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Yeah, they are going to end up losing paying users that otherwise like LingQ.

I asked @zoran to speak to how this is going to be fixed, but (as I kind of expected) my question was ignored.

Ultimately, it is looking more and more like I’m going to end up cancelling my subscription and self-hosting one of the (several) free and open source alternatives. It’s really a shame though, and just a simple improvement in communication (not ignoring my question when I’m a paying customer) could really fix a lot of this.

Yes there are technical issues (these issues should be caught in testing and staging environments). But I could excuse it a little more if the communication were better than “it’s fixed now” every time, especially after longer (18 hour, a few days ago) outages.