[BUG] Unusual audio length display format on iOS


Just wanted to point out that on the course page, the length of the audio is displayed in a very unusual way in the header because only the minutes and seconds are showing. Therefore, I have a course that is 318:58 long when it should be 5:18:58.

Android and the web app are fine. It only occurs on iOS. Not critical in the grand scheme of things, but it would be nice to have this fixed nonetheless.


Thanks, we will have it fixed.


@zoran @Denys_B

The header issue has been fixed with the latest iOS update, but unfortunately this has triggered another bug. Just under the lesson title, the audio length sometimes shows one single digit instead of two. For the first lesson, the audio is one minute and three seconds long, but instead of being displayed as 01:03, it shows 1:3. As a result, the green completion bars are misaligned.

I am attaching a screenshot.

Can you ask your developer to correct this? Thank you.

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