[BUG] Unable to create hints in different languages


I would like to create bilingual hints in both English and Korean for some words I encounter.

English and Korean are both set as my dictionary languages and I can see user-generated meanings for both languages as well.

However when I come across an unknown word, I am able to type or save the English definition, but when I click on the flag icon and select Korean from the dropdown menu to input a Korean definition for the same word, nothing happens.

If I remember correctly, in v4 there was a small arrow under the flag icon and you could then input definitions in other languages as well (you could basically switch between the two), but the arrow is gone in v5.

Am I missing something? How can we create bilingual meanings for individual words?

Since you have not yet received a reply, I will explain what I have been doing to get around this problem.

  1. Change your “English translation” flag to “Korean”.
  2. Change your “English translation” to your “Korean translation”.
  3. Go back to the “flag drop-down” and re-select the “English translation”.
    The panel view may jump around in weird ways, or appear not to work, but just check up and down the panel for the changes.
    Hopefully, someone can provide a better way, or a fix will be done.
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Thank you very much for your help. I hope this gets fixed. It’s a little frustrating that we are now having problems with something that was working very well before.


Thanks for reporting the problem, we will have this fixed. I reported to our developers.

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Thank you Zoran. Very much appreciated.

Any new updates regarding this issue?

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I posted something similar yesterday. I’m trying to create hints in 4 differente languages, and sometimes one or two of them just don’t work. It is not always the same languages; it is quite random. I hope they can fix it.

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Any chance of getting this issue fixed? Bilingual hints are extremely useful for more advanced learners so a solution to this problem would be much appreciated.

Hi guys! Please do something about this. Thanks.

@SeoulMate Sorry about the delay. Our developers left this behind for some reason. I just reminded them about the issue and I expect that we will have it fixed soon. Thanks a lot for your patience and sorry once again!

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Thanks Zoran. I appreciate it.

Any plans to address this issue any time soon ?

I would love to be able to create meanings in BOTH English and Korean for the words I save.

This used to be possible in v4 but not in v5.

I have been told several times already that this would be looked into. When?

Yes, our developers are actually working on improving this at the moment and it should be pushed to production very soon.

Any more news regarding this Zoran? Thanks.

@SeoulMate I’ll post here once it’s solved. It’s still work in progress, our developers and testers are working on improving this feature and making it easier to use. We hope to push changes to production next week.

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Great. Thank you for your reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Zoran,

Just wondering if you had any more news regarding this feature? Creating bilingual definitions for a word (with an arrow allowing the user to toggle between the two as in v.4) is still impossible both on web and mobile.

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