[Bug] Un-joined Challenges Being Shown

Hey folks! Having some trouble with challenges so thought I’d write up what’s happening.

I’ve joined 3 challenges for the next 90 days. I check my rankings either by scrolling to the bottom of a specific language’s stats page or clicking “challenges” in the menu. I’m on iOS 15.4.1 using the mobile app.


  1. When I look at any “Active Challenges” areas, I’m seeing the challenges I joined, but also challenges I have NOT joined.
  2. When clicking on “challenges”, the challenges are not sorted in any way (that I can see), so the challenges I have NOT joined are showing up first and knocking my actual challenges down the list and sometimes out of view!
  3. When working on Korean and checking my stats, scrolling down to “Active Challenges” does not show any Korean challenges I’ve joined but DOES show other challenges.

Desired Solution

  1. Only the challenges I’ve joined show up.
  2. My active challenges are sorted either alphabetically, by my current rank in the challenges, or by my known words in a language.
  3. When in a specific language, any challenges for that language come first or are the only results.


Thank you!

Thanks Sarah. We will look into this.

Thanks Zoran!

Hi Sarah, just an explanation here. Under the “Active Challenges” you should actually see all challenges you can join at the moment. The ones you did join already will have that blue “JOINED” notification, but all other active challenges you can still join will also be listed there, that’s how it should work.

Thanks for this explanation. However my detailed report above mentions some things that are not working in a way that is expected. Is there a plan to sort these by joined status on all relevant pages? That would solve most of the problems I’m having for now.

At the moment we don’t have any changes in plans there, but I’ll talk with our developers and see what we can do. Appreciate your feedback,

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