[Bug] Translations Failing to Update | Chrome Web Browser | AndriodOS

Hi LingQ Support,

I’ve tried several times to update the translations in the LingQ Web Browser when I noticed my translation lines were off:

I go through all of the above steps and it doesn’t show up as changed. It still looks the same as in the first image.

I tried this on Firefox as well, but I have an extension there that I thought might be interfering, but I don’t have it on this one, so I tried it on Chrome and same thing. (Also, tried it after the uninstaling Grammarly extension I had and same thing.)

Can y’all look into this issue?


Thanks, we will look into it.

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HI @zoran,

Some additional information:

This failure to update also overrides changes made previously at the sentence level, so if the translations popup doesn’t correctly save and edit what you edit in that box, it will revert to the original text in the translations section you just tried to edit — even if you’ve made some changes by hand in sentence mode.

But updating a miss-alignment of text via sentence mode is not the most efficient method, so I hope y’all can fix this soon.


*Note: This is in sentence mode not in the lesson edit mode going “sentence-by-sentence”. That appears to have issues saving/updating properly just like the Translations section.

Edit: I just tried to save a sentence level edit via AndroidOS (my phone) and ran into the same issue as above, but at the sentence level, so that is also having issues. Seems to be only Sentence mode on the Chrome Browser updates translations correctly — as far as I can tell.

Edit 2: Though the behavior on the Android side is more like the issue of the tags that I mentioned in a different bug report. On android the edited translation appears for half a second and then disappears as if it was never edited.