[bug] Translations do not always show in "translate lesson"

In one of the lessons I imported from youtube, I added translations to every sentence, but for some reason the “translate lesson” menu option skips certain sentences.

The lesson concerned is "Tältä näyttää miljardeja maksanut Olkiluoto 3 – näin ydinvoimasta tuli “vihreää” in the course “Yle Uutiset Rec”. The pages that are missing translations are 5 and 6.

Please send me a lesson URL to support(at)lingq.com and I’ll take a look. Thanks!

Well, it changed overnight. Where the translation did not show certain lines yesterday , it does today! It could be because I logged anew today? Don´t know, but it is cleared now. What I do wonder about is why you need the lesson URL while the lesson is a shared lesson?

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Great, glad to hear it works now. Ah, sorry, I didn’t realize it’s a shared lesson.