[bug] translation is not (always) saved

I have some lessons where I can translate in sentence mode till the horses fly, and they will never be saved to the lesson. When I then ask for “show translations” lingq comes with the unhelpful “shall I generate everything for you?” (and fails to acknolledge it will overwrite all your carefully crafted translations). No, don’t. But when I translate can you please save the translation?

There are multiple lessons where this occurs, but the most recent one is a private one that is called “Chapter 3 suomalainen suhteessa” from the course “Finnished Me course 2022”. The problem occurs for a lot of lines, but as an example I tested the first two lines (header and first line) and confirmed that the translation is not saved (through using edit lesson).

If you need a physical link I can send it through support email. The title should help you find it though. The language is Finnish.

Please let me know whether you will repair this. I usually get a “we will have a look” followed by silence, even if I request an update or an ETA. Silence.


Hi @gbonnema !
Thank you for pointing out this bug.
Be sure, it will be fixed soon.

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@Denys_B Can you define soon please? This morning I translated a sentence, checked in “edit lesson” and the translation was not saved. Do you have an expected date of arrival of the fix?

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Don’t know if it relates, but I’m having problems with “Show Translation”. Sometimes it takes so long – ten seconds or more-- that I give up and go to the next sentence.

There was this amusing “translation”:

Here the character is asking

How can I find you?

The translation seems to be from an AI, which instead of translating, answers the question itself:

You can contact me by phone or email. - My contact details are available on my website. - You can also message me on social media.

That is hilarious, I had to check it out for myself. It is indeed replying strangely in some cases.

What happens now is, when in sentence mode. It requests a translation of the next 3 sentences using chatgpt.

The problem is that sometimes the data returns null, like this, which forces multiple clicks.

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So, if I’m following you correctly, LingQ is now getting its translations from ChatGPT and sometimes those requests are getting null responses, which I guess means timing out.

It seems that is what I’m seeing today. “Show Translation” provides less than 50% responses within less than 10 seconds, which I would call effectively broken.

Hi, Denys, I posted this error 10. April and you responded 12. April “Be sure, it will be fixed soon.”. the 20th April I asked for an ETA, unfortunately no response. Now it is 17. May and I wonder, whether this is still going to be fixed. I tried it just now in one of my Korean lessons and it still does not work for some sentences. I can translate them in sentence mode and subsequently when doing “show translation” in page view, it is not there. Same goes for the “edit lesson”: the translation is not saved.

Can you please elaborate on the planning for the solution of this bug?

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Hi @gbonnema !
As far as I know, the bug with not saving sentence translations was already fixed. I just checked sentence translations in several Korean lessons and found no missing translations.
Pay attention that if the lesson had no translations at its opening and you performed it in Sentence View mode, you need to refresh the page before clicking the “Show Translation” button. All previously made translations for sentences should be there.

May I ask you for the link to the lesson which has issues with the sentence translations?

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As far as I know, the bug with not saving sentence translations was already fixed.

It would have been nice if you had told me. Up until 20th of April, I still found the error (see my message of that date) and I asked for an ETA but got no response.

I just checked sentence translations in several Korean lessons and found no missing translations.

Well, I have a Korean lesson with at least 2 missing translations, that stay missing even after doing ctr-t in sentence mode. I show a screenprint with one of the two sentences missing.

I immediately know sentences are missing when I choose the menu option “show translation” in page mode, and it show the horrific threat to regenerate all translations. A screenprint again.

So, there are enough translations, just not all and the remaining translation refuse to stick.

Now about the page refresh. From your formulation "Pay attention that if the lesson had no translations at its opening " I gather you are only talking about new lessons, where no translations have been made yet? Is that indeed what you mean? Then it does not apply to this lesson, because it already had translations before starting.

If not, please be clear at exactly what time should I press F5 (page refresh) to get the Lingq program to remember a translation made in sentence mode? Before any translation was entered? Before going into sentence mode to do the translation? After doing the translation in sentence mode? Or, finally, after doing the translation when returning to page mode? Is this a one-time thing, or should I be pressing page refresh every time I enter the lesson or even more often? I am thoroughly confused what you mean exactly.

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I checked for a Finnish lesson, and to my surprise it appears to save the translation.

Screenshot from 2024-05-18 04-29-23

This should help you find it.

After doing the sentence mode translation, the sentence appears to have been saved in Finnish. However, not in the Korean lesson I showed you. So I checked the Korean lesson again, and there it still did not get saved.


The sentence translation is saved to the lesson immediately after performing the translation of this sentence (in Sentence View mode).
As far as I know, the “Show translation” button (in Page View) uses the translation, which was loaded at the lesson opening (or refreshing of the Reader page, which does the same in this case). So the page refresh is required just to load the updated lesson data which contains the newly saved sentence translations.


Thanks, that was the explanation I was looking for. Now I understand.

Did you have a look at the Korean lesson I showed?

I will check again later today, but during the night, it did not work yet. If I find otherwise, I will post a correction. Please have a look at the Korean lesson.

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I did a more extensive test for both Korean and Finnish where I translated every sentence in the lesson, followed by page mode plus a page refresh. Finally, I did a “show translations”. All translations were there and the popup to overwrite all translations did not appear.

I found that in both Korean and Finnish the translations were saved correctly. Thank you very much for taking the time to elaborate so I could get a definitive test performed. Solved!

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