[bug] Too many English translations are missing, and suggestions

There are 2 types of English translation bug

  1. The entire sentence Eng translation is missing (see the question mark in the figure)
  2. There is an Eng translation, but the Eng translation is incomplete (see the arrow in the figure)

Translation is a very important thing for learning a new language, but there are too many translation bugs, it makes learning in the LingQ very hard.

I can’t wait for the bug being fixed, becuase it seems to take a long time.
So here I propose some alternative ways.

  1. Print The ENG Translation
  2. Or add an isolated ENG Translation page

Users can now download the audio, and can print the target language text in the LingQ, that is great. (see the figure)

I suggest LingQ also to add the function that users can “Print The ENG Translation”, so that if there are translations missing, we can reference the ENG Translation page.