Bug subtracting from listening/speaking time

I noticed that there was a recent change to how we manually add listening and speaking time. Instead of just a box for a number and an “Update” button, we now have the box for a number and a “+” and “-” button. Adding listening and speaking time works fine - you enter the number of minutes and click “+”. However, it’s impossible to subtract amounts if you mess up. Entering negative numbers isn’t allowed, and as soon as the number of minutes in the text box isn’t 0, the “-” button is greyed out, as shown below.

So, as it is, if you make a mistake entering too much listening/speaking time, you can’t correct it. For words of reading/writing, there is still the old method of entering statistics, shown below.

Would it not make sense to consolidate things and use one single method for all of the four statistics that we have the ability to manually change? Just a thought. Thanks!

The minus button isn’t greyed out on my end, I can easily subtract amounts. What browser are you using?

I have the same problem on desktop and laptop, with both chrome and safari.

Thanks, I asked our team to look into it.

I’m currently using Edge, but I’ll do some testing with other browsers and try clearing my cache.

It looks like clearing my cache fixed it.

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