[Bug] skip instead of word focus in sentence mode

Hi, the update to web version 5.0.175 introduced a bug where pressing the right arrow key in sentence mode will skip the entire sentence instead of focussing on the first colored word. I had already reported this issue two (2) weeks ago, but I assume my report must have gotten lost. No problem, here it is again.

Here is a recording using version 5.0.178, for visualization I used an on screen keyboard: skipping - YouTube
Note, that it is sometimes not possible to turn the page at all and navigating backwards isn’t smooth either. This is using MS Edge on macOS.

For historical reasons, here is a recording from version 5.0.177 skip and crash - YouTube feel free to ignore if this is too old already.

Thank you for your attention.

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Thanks. I forwarded this to our team again.

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