[bug] several bugs

Here are several bugs that I’ve encountered recently:

  • Desktop + Android: Incorrect new wordcount shown on courses
    I have completed all the lessons in the below course (and all the individual lessons show 0 new words), but the course still says that there are 39 unknown words in this course. This is obviously incorrect. This bug doesn’t happen on all courses, only some. (Maybe there used to be another lesson in this course and it was later deleted? I don’t know.)
  • Desktop: I don’t think this is a bug per se, I just think the functionality doesn’t currently exist, but when you go into Reader settings and turn on ‘Don’t play tts when lesson audio playing’, it doesn’t play TTS when you are playing the audio file, but when you are playing the YouTube video, it still plays TTS. So if you plan on watching the YouTube video, as opposed to listening to the audio file, you have to go into Reader settings to turn off TTS. I love this option and have it permanently on. I’m patiently waiting for it to become an option on Android. :slight_smile:

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  • Desktop + Android: audiofile from YouTube import didn’t split correctly
    I imported a 17:12 long YouTube video two days ago. It was split into two lessons. However, the audio for the first part goes for 17:12 (even though it is listed as only going for 13:38), and the second part goes for 3:12. So it’s strange, when I listened to it on the playlist. I listened to the whole audio, then it repeated the last three minutes. The audio to the ‘first’ lesson is really the entire audio. It also downloaded this on the Android app as well, so I guess it had to do with the importing tool. This is the only YouTube video I’ve studied in the last two days, so I can’t say if it’s repeated.

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  • The 90-Day Challenge post you get on your wall after completing it does not display the correct amount of coins you earnt. I looked on other users’ pages and this is the same for them too.

  • Android: On courses, which have the display icon with a white background, you cannot see how many new words and LingQs there are, because the text is also white.

Thanks for letting us know. I reported this to our Android developers, we will have it improved.

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Thanks for reporting all the issues. I was able to reproduce some of them and report to our developers, while for other, our testers will look into it more and try to reproduce them. Thanks again!

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@zoran I’d just like to point out this is still an issue six months later. This happened to me yesterday. As you can see in the screenshot below, the audio did not split correctly. The real audio for part (1) is 26:11 long on both the Android version and the browser version, but it should be 13:02. The text split correctly in two parts and the part (2) audio is also correct. It’s only part (1) audio which is wrong and is the entire audio instead of only the first half. This is exactly the same as the report I sent above.

Thanks, we will look into it again.

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Here’re two more imports which didn’t split the audio correctly:

I’m using the LingQ Importer extension for Firefox.

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I know this is not only happening to my imports, because it has even happened with the Italian LingQ Podcast 2.0, where the first audio did not split correctly, as you can see in screenshot below. I can see that this podcast, which was imported from YouTube and shared, was imported on the 29/08/2022.

It also happened with the other longer LingQ podcasts, which required splitting, in this course.

I’ve used LingQ for years, it’s always been full of bugs. They fix a few and add five new ones. Every few months it seems to crash completely for me.