[bug] Selecting Sentences Error

You can see it from the picture.

Each time I select a sentence for the instant translation and the sentence is in 2 lines (it doesn’t matter how many words), all the page goes gray and I receive the message below: "Something went wrong I.get (…) is undefined.

It happens in every lesson since a couple of days.

(Firefox - Mac)

Do you still have that same problem, Davide? I can’t seem to reproduce it. Can you provide a link to a lesson from your screenshot? Thanks!

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I didn’t have any problem today. Unfortunately I deleted those previous lessons. But they were inside the same course I was doing and that today doesn’t give any problem.

Thanks. Let me know if it happens again.

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Unfortunately it happens again.

This time only if I select more than 9 words in two lines, like the examples above.

This is a new import: Login - LingQ

This is another from yesterday: Login - LingQ

Let me know when you check them before I delete them.

I can’t seem to reproduce the problem. What words/lines in these lessons exactly you try to select when you get that error message?

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It doesn’t really matter. I’ve just tried right now with the lesson “12153949” and basically any selected sentence with more than 9 words gave error. I just randomly selected sentences and all of them gave that error.

(Firefox 100.0.1 64bit - iMac macOS 12.3.1)

Below an example.

Thanks. we’ll investigate that.

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