Bug report: Like-links are unreachable

Like is faded and you can’t click it (except the first post of the thread).


But what if it’s a LingQ 5.0 feature? Instagram removed likes after all!

I would not like that, no pun intended. The forums seem a little moribund to me as it is, and that would only serve to put a further damper on things. BTW, I noticed this when I tried to add a like to one of your comments in the forum intended for posts in German. I’m not far enough along to have attempted a written German response and thought a ‘like’ would at least provide a little feedback.

I’ve also noticed that you can’t click on the profile of people who reply to the thread (their username is missing). The original thread creater you can view their profile.

Thanks. I noticed this too earlier today and reported it to our team already. We will have it fixed.

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I’ve noticed it’s working again. Thanks!

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It appears to be dependent on user’s profiles.

  • All my recent comments come with a faded thumbs up, unclickable like button.
    I’ve no idea why!