Bug report: iOS app is misaligned

I have been successfully importing my own material for months and reading it in the iOS app without difficulty… Today the book I am reading shows oddly offset highlights after about page 5 and I also can’t easily highlight words, as if they too are offset.

The same material works fine on the website (but I much prefer to read in the app.). Things also line up properly in sentence view.

I tried shutting and restarting the app, no change. I am on an iPad Air gen 4 running 16.3.1 and running the latest Mar 7 release of the LingQ app.

Here is a screen shot showing the issue. It makes the app almost unusable.

Can you please send lesson URL to support(@)lingq.com? Thanks!

Thanks, zoran. I found the issue. It is an edge-case bug in the iOS app.

In French, conversation is typically handled with a special — character (em dash) at the start of a line. In three places my text had __ (double underline) at the start of the conversation line instead of the em dash. This apparently was enough to freak out the positioning cues in the iOS app (both on iPad and iPhone) but did not freak out the web reader.

After correcting these three places in the source text by replacing __ with em dash (—) and deleting and re-uploading the lesson, things are working fine.

Please let me know if you want me to report this edge-case bug in the iOS app to support, although it is no longer an issue for me.

Thanks for explaining it. We will look into it on our end too.

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