[Bug Report] Cannot highlight phrase when currently selected word is the last word in the phrase

I have discovered the following bug:

If I click on a word in a lesson, I am unable to highlight a phrase where that word is the last word in the phrase. As long as the currently selected word is not the last word in the phrase, it highlights just fine. The currently selected word can even be in the middle of the phrase - it just can’t be the last word in the phrase you’re trying to highlight.


I am experiencing the same thing on the browser.

Here’s an example. I have the following sentence (one imported subtitle line):

Ah, so it looks like it doesn’t necessarily have to do with the selected word being at the end of a desired phrase - it just doesn’t work if it’s the last word highlighted in the direction that you choose to highlight. Interesting!

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Thanks for reporting, we will look into it.


I have noticed this alson

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I have issues with some lessons that I have imported, where the sentence does not continue on the next line, so i have to end the link, prior to where I want, for example; I try to end a link of words; end of sentence (with a period), comma, and, that, or, as a few examples of where I prefer to end a group of words. Other lessons I can continue to make a link of a group of words on the next line below.

@skimywhistler Please check if there is paragraph added between lines on the edit lesson page.

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