[BUG] Parts of text missing in the web-reader

I’m noticing that parts of some sentences aren’t shown in the web reader (page or sentence mode). They are there when open in the editor.

Example sentence: “Yenildiler (25 Eylül 1396).” appears as “Yenildiler (25 Eylül”, so the whole “1396).” is missing.

I’ve noticed it with some other sentences earlier but at the time I thought only a period was missing and since I knew where the next sentence started I didn’t think much of it.

I’ve just encounted another one: …hamşetmeab, üzgünüm.” becomes hamşetmeab, üzgünüm (.” is missing). It appears to be happening when there is a longer run of characters at the end of a sentence which don’t deserve a lingq.

Can you please provide a link to a lesson you noticed the issue with? thanks!

I have the same issue. For me it happens with numbers before a dot “.” without any spaces inbetween like “… in 1981.” or “in the 19. Century” They reappear after I remove the dot “.” so “in 1981” or “in the 19 Century”. Btw I am learning German so they use 19. instead of 19th beacause German doesn’t end with “th” so any historical text I have to remove the dots.

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Hi Zoran

I see it in this lesson: Giriş yap - LingQ

Let me know if I have to change some settings to let you access it, I uploaded the lesson myself and I don’t usually care to share / prevent sharing.

The problem happens e.g. to one of the first sentences:

“Babasının yolunda şanla şerefle yürüyecek, Osmanlı sancağını doğuda ve batıda yükseltecektir.”

The full sentence appears in the editor, but the final .” is missing in the reader.

Thanks, we will look into it.

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