Bug or Feature? Link to private lesson

The link to a lesson, like …

with xxxxx and yyyyyy = numbers

is now displayed at the bottom of every lesson I work with.

If a lesson is private, and the link is given to and used by a different LingQ member, then even this user is able to open/use the lesson although it is my private lesson!!

I think this should be blocked, because private lessons should be kept private by all means.


Wo sehen Sie diese Nummern?
Bei den privaten Lektionen sehe ich jeweils nur: XY hat eine importierte Lektion studiert.

Falls man so privat importierte Lektionen für Freunde zugänglich machen könnte, wäre das super!

Meine importierten Lektionen darf ich leider nicht in der Lingq.Bibliothek veröffentlichen ,weil mir die Erlaubnis verweigert wurde!:frowning:

obwohl sie im Internet auch gratis zugänglich sind!!!


see bottom of lesson page: “Bewerten und Teilen” (Rate and share the lesson)

@hape - It seems you are correct that anyone can now access private lessons if they have the appropriate URL, but as long as you don’t share the URL of your private lessons you don’t really have anything to worry about.
We will, nonetheless, add this to our list of things to address.

It seems like the odds of anyone trying that before you posted this were significantly lower than they are now.

That said I wouldn’t important anything too private anyway. As good as the people who run Lingq are probably, I still would advise against trusting anyone that you don’t have to with extremely sensitive or embarrassing information.

I wouldn’t important anything → I wouldn’t import anything

The point here are copyright issues.

If somebody creates a private lesson with copyrighted content, shares this (maybe by accident), the link will stay maybe on Twitter, or Facebook or some other place. The Internet forgets nothing.

The copyright owner may find this link, and will find out who uploaded the content… You may imagine the rest.

@hape - I understand your concern with this. We will work on correcting this, as these private lessons should, as you point out, only be accessible by the original uploader.