Bug or bizarre feature? Bad Accent in Korean Lingqs on Android

So for some reason, while on my Android, when I click to create a Lingq, the word is said out loud in a very painful American accent. I don’t know why it does this, because any other time I click on the word it says it just fine. Edit: After some experimentation, It appears it’s actually every time I first highlight a word. So I’ll highlight it, and it says it in the bad accent. If I highlight it again, it will say it in the proper accent.

I really like the experience on the phone, but this is getting to the point where I don’t want to use the app anymore. I really want to be hearing the new words that I’m learning for the first time in their proper accent, not something that is jarring at best and unintelligible at worst. Is this a setting that I can somehow turn off? Is this a bug? Please help, I am desperate :smiling_face_with_tear:

Yeah, it’s a bug. Try closing and reopening the app

It sounds to me as if that’s the OS and/or LingQ defaulting to an American English voice. (TTS voices reading something in another language are hilarious when you want it to happen :wink: )

I haven’t had it happen in LingQ specifically, but on iOS when I use TTS (which I do regularly), it sometimes reverts to a low-quality default voice and requires a second “nudge” to load in the higher-quality one I installed. Perhaps something like that is happening here - especially since you say it happens at first but then stops.

It’s a bug. I’ve been experiencing it as well in sentence mode if I click to play the audio (lesson does not have it’s own audio). First try after opening it will do the American accent. Then subsequent tries usually work fine.

Only seems to do it after opening the app (if it has closed previously).

Thanks, we will investigate that.

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Thank you for the helpful replies everyone! @fabbol I think you are definitely right about that. It seems to get confused occasionally when there are English words mixed in with the Korean as well. (Sometimes it will read the English in a Korean accent, and vice versa). It is really funny. The first few times I couldn’t stop laughing. But after that I turned off my audio :sweat_smile:

Good to know I’m not the only one experiencing this. Hopefully we can figure it out ^^