Bug: missing suggested definitions when adding word

I am using the LingQ app on android for Chinese.

Recently I noticed that for most (if not all) new words that I’m trying to add, I get only one suggested definition - which never includes the pinyin. At first I thought that maybe I’m just adding a lot of words that not many other students have added, so the database hasn’t been populated yet with a lot of possible definitions. This turns out not to be the case - sometimes more suggestions appear for a fraction of a second and then disappear. I can also find more definitions after I have already added the word it I tap it again.

Unfortunately, the single one definition that LingQ suggests when initially adding the word is useless 99% of the time, forcing me to expend a lot of extra effort to find a better definition every time. This is especially true for Chinese, because the handling of pinyin by LingQ is unreliable and usually just plain wrong, so a good definition HAS to include the correct pinyin to be usable at all.

Please fix this so that all suggestions are shown, as it is now I’m forced to add a definition manually from a dictionary EVERY single time.

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This sounds like the issue @Eleonora1337 and I were having for many months. For us on Android we haven’t been experiencing it for a week or two. The only issue, which still happens to me, is on the browser, where community definitions don’t appear with lingQs.

Have you tried to swipe the popup up to see more suggested hints?

Yes, swiping up would previously present dozens of hints, but it doesn’t anymore. Only one suggestion. However, if I add the word, and then tap on it again I can find more suggestions

Thanks, we’ll check that.