[BUG] minusing stats does not minus coins

When you are in the statistics of a lesson (on the browser), when you minus times read or times listened, you don’t lose coins. I managed to accummulate an extra 1,000+ coins from adding times read then minusing it back to the original. See screenshot below. (I added/minused the times read on the browser, but screenshotted on Android.)

Yes, I believe this is just how it is - coins don’t get subtracted. So you have to be careful with the knobs. Coins are generally meaningless, except if you’re in a 90 day challenge then this can distort the competition. I think we discussed this already here: https://www.lingq.com/en/community/forum/open-forum/very-incorrect-word-count
What has changed in the meantime is that the timer on the website has improved to a level where at least I don’t feel the need to intervene in the process anymore. What has not stopped is the cheating in the Spanish challenges, but I don’t think this can be fixed, it is an honor based system after all.

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Yeah, I do remember it from that there. I thought it was resolved, because the reduction of stats was resolved and I just assumed it was too. But I didn’t do any rigorous testing. Hence. But, yeah, you’re right, coins are generally pretty meaningless.

Thanks, we will look into this and see what’s going on.

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