[Bug] Mass Auto LingQ Creation When Switching Devices

I see this bug happen every so often when I’m changing from mobile to desktop or laptop and vice versa. The lesson I was on will, without any user prompt, fill in a bunch of words or phrases and mark them as known.

Deleting them is possible after some work with the vocabulary tools, but it leaves me unable to make the words unknown again.

Anyone else have this issue, or know a way to avoid it?

I think some more info is needed.

  1. What do you mean by “fill in a bunch of words or phrases”?

  2. Are they saved as unknown (i.e. yellow words) and then set to learned or are they just made known?

  3. What specifically do you do when you change from one platform to the other?

1 and 2. The lesson I was working on, which is a private one, had most of the words marked unknown/in blue. This glitch has happened twice, and in all cases, it changes the status of all of the Unknown words to Known with the checkmark, which shoots the coin and known words counts way up.

  1. When I switch platforms, I usually check what I left off on. After the first time this glitch happened, I try to exit whatever I was on without reading or listening to anything, yet as soon as I reset the counts on the main page, they shoot way up thanks to the words being marked Known.

Are you saying that just by opening a lesson on other device, all blue words automatically became white? Without actually completing a lesson?

Almost. If I stop mid-lesson on one device, which is common when I’m getting in late night reading, switch to another device to continue or choose something else, then come back to the original device, the service gets confused and automatically marks all the blue words as Known.

It just happened again. Maybe the software is misinterpreting the number of times I’m listening to the music of the lesson as familiarity, but I can’t see it if the starting ten lessons never have this issue.

Thanks, we will try to figure out what’s going on.

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I think I’ve discovered a potential source of this bug. I just realized even though I have “Paging Turns Unknown Words To Known” marked as False on my PC browser/Android phone, my Android tablet doesn’t have the same setting. No idea why, but it might help.