Bug: LingQ not displaying my courses anymore

On both Android (LingQ v. 4.9.18) and PC (Google Chrome), LingQ does not display any of my courses anymore, including content from LingQ as well as my own privately imported content. I can still access them through the “recent lessons” shortcuts on both devices, as you can see in the screenshots. I have noticed that the problem also appears for other languages I am learning with LingQ.

The problem must have arisen today since I used LingQ yesterday (and around midnight today) without noticing any issues.


Yep, me to. It’s broken. :frowning:

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Mine are all gone too (Spanish & Norwegian). It must have just happened because I was using lingq 30 minutes ago and they were all there then.

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mine are gone as well

I have the same issue :frowning:

Same for me. At least I can reach some of my lessons via the “recently” area so they still exist but are just not listed. In the morning (GMT+1 timezone) everything was still there.

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Sorry about that everyone, we are working on it. Will be fixed any moment now.


Thanks, they are back now (you have to use pull to refresh on the apps to see them).

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