Bug - Known-Word Count

Dear LingQ Team. My known-words count seems to be off.
In Japanese I have marked only one LingQ as known (as can also be seen in the filtered - show only 4 and 5 - vocabulary screenshot below) - but LinqQ show a known-word count of 10.

I noticed similar differences in other languages (e.g. my Romanian and Icelandic words counts also don’t match, even though the differences are smaller)

Did you mark words as known that you have deviously did not save as LingQs? They are also included in the known word count.

I dont’ think so, at least not in Japanese. I am pretty sure about that since I hardly know any Japanese words. There have been some (English) words in a Japanese lesson where I pressed ‘x’ to ignore - however to my understanding those should not be counted as known words.

As @ColinJohnstonov wrote, not only LingQs with status 4 are counted in Known words stats, it also includes words marked as known directly in a lesson. Did you maybe complete a lesson? That makes all remaining blue words known automatically.

Thanks for these possible explanations. However, as far as I can tell these do not seem to be the reasons. I just re-checked all my Japanese lessons and non of them has been completed. Furthermore, the few lessons that do not show any blue words show links for all individual words.

I also re-checked my romanian words count. It shows 11 known words, however the vocabulary overview shows only 9 known words (see screenshot below). Apparently I have so far looked in only 3 romanian lessons (mini-stories) and I have not finished any of them. Reviewing all individual words in these lessons also shows me that every word is eather blue, yellow, known (status 4 or 5) or marked ‘x’.

Thanks, we will look if there’s any issue.

I experienced something similar in Spanish. Suddenly all words that where new (marked in blue) are stored as known words without a specific translation having been selected by me, so somehow I must have accidentally clicked on the complete lesson button. I guess there is no way to uncomplete a lesson to mark all words without a selected translation as blue again? The prompt on completion of all lesson should be much clearer. Why should I want to mark 50 words as know when I have not selected a translation and have not learned them yet?