[Bug] Keyboard failure

Does anyone’s keyboard break down when they try to write the definition of words in LingQ? In other programs (Word) it works perfectly.
It’s been happening to me for 2 days. I have to refresh LingQ several times, to correct it. It’s very tiring. Help !!

No one met that? I try to write something in the definition of the word, but my keyboard does not listen to me. The character letter succession comes one after one. I need to refresh the page more times to solve this. Very boring !

Thanks for reporting, we will investigate the issue. What browser are you using?

Google Chrome. Thanks

We can’t reproduce the issue on our end. Can you record a video of it and send it over if possible? You can send it to support(at)lingq.com

I will try with the first occasion. It appears as and when. Thanks !

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Hi Zoran ! Look at it .

Thanks a lot. We will look into it.