[bug] Joining lines causes wrong timings

While editing a video, I often join lines by copying the 2nd line into the first line and subsequently deleting the 2nd line. This normally works well.

I was editing the last 2 lines, when I copied the 1-before-last line into the last line and deleted the 1-before-last line. The result was that the last line was saved, but with the timing of the 1-before-last line. In other words, the timings of the last line were gone.

Remark. An error like this, but a bit different was mentioned in the topic called “Lesson clip timing editor deletes one timestamp and moves the rest up by one”.

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If you uploaded your own audio, just go to “generate timestamps” on the left side of edit lesson. This will correct the timestamps.

If you imported from a youtube video, then you’ll need to grab just the audio from youtube (you can find lots of youtube to mp3 converter websites). Download the audio from one of these links, then upload the audio to your lesson. Then click generate timestamps…Caveat, I’m not sure what this may do in regards to trying to watch the video on a sentence by sentence basis. Presumably it stops on the correct spots, but I don’t know since I don’t use the video inside of LingQ.


@ericb100 Eric, this is not a real solution. Firstly because generate timestamps overwrites everything, including your previously carefully wrought and synchronized timestamps and replaces them with badly aligned timestamps.

Secondly, this is a simple one-off bug, where the software miscalculates. It’s first grade IT stuff. Why would I work around such an unnecessary bug? It should never have passed proper testing.

To be honest I have ceased using “generate timestamps” because I have to redo them anyway. Only a small part of them seem to be more or less well aligned. The rest is mostly too late. Too late at the start, and too late at the end. Doing them straight away myself is faster and easier. Even if the editor insists on saving every damn changing click and waits until the next click to do it.

I appreciate your attempt for a work around, but this is never a workaround for me.

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