[BUG?] Is there a bug that allows somebody else to amend your LingQ-definition?

Today I had the the impression that a LingQ definition that I created had been amended by someone else (two additional definitions had been added). I remember having read a post concerning this topic in the past.

It is important to be sure that your LingQ definitions remain unchanged. Can you be sure of that, if you create your own definitions? Is there a possibility/risk that your LingQ definition will be changed afterwards, if you use an existing definition?

In spite of the problems mentioned above: Thanks a lot for this marvelous learning platform.

Might be related to this:

Thank you! The changed definition that I came across today was not a newly created one. Hopefully the problem has been resolved now.

It is about time that lingq starts communicating about what issues are open, what issues were resolved (and when) and what issues will not be resolved. That is pretty basic development information. It would help get an idea of support for or resistance against solving an issue. An issue tracker like Bugzilla, Trac or Jira would help. This is not new by any measure.

Without that information we are all swimming in the dark. This issue is only one example.

I appreciate that Lingq is the only software package with a large community that directly supports the input learning paradigm. But: there is no competition. It would be better if there were.


Agreed. Lingq promised to release a roadmap in the near future (whatever that means). Hope it sees the light in 2023 as it’s getting urgent. Everything is currently being reported on the forum where new threads about the same issues keep popping up all over the place. I wonder how the team can keep up with it to be honest.

I try not to modify definitions already in the system but to instead make my own as I always wondered what happened if I made changes to someone else’s definition. In theory I’m making the changes because they’re better but the original author may disagree and wonder what the heck if he sees this word again and uses the dictionary.

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Other users shouldn’t be able to edit your saved LingQs meanings. We will investigate this.

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