[Bug] Ironic bug found when reactivating my subscription


After a series of bugs that were introduced during a recent major release, I downgraded to the $2 maintenance mode.

Now I’m rather happy with the fixes that have been done, but I don’t seem to be able to upgrade my subscription because of yet another bug.

Recreation steps:

  • Browse to settings
  • Press [Change Plan] beside the text that says in my case “12 Month Premium (changing to Monthly Vacation on November 24, 2022)”
  • Pick [Reactivate] under 12 months sub

Your account is currently on active Premium subscription and it was set to switch to the Vacation plan on November 12th. You changed it successfully today and it will remain on Premium plan (will renew for another year).
Everything looks good.

That is not what the UI says now or said then. It was set to reset to go to the vacation plan on the 24th, as can be seen in the text I copied (see above), i.e.:

“12 Month Premium (changing to Monthly Vacation on November 24, 2022)”

Now however it’s set to reset to free on November 24, which is not what I wanted at all:

… and I tried pressing [Reactivate] and it again takes me to “Login - LingQ” i.e. some downgrade path.

As mentioned above, your membership will renew for another year, no worries. Ignore the message you see on the Account settings page, we will investigate that.