[BUG] iPhone X. Sentence view

Good day! I’ve already written about this here, but nothing has changed. This is a problem on iPhone X. In sentence mode. The audio keeps playing and does not end with a single sentence.

Hi Mikola_gal,

Looks like the time-stamping is badly formatted. Can you send the name of the lesson and course, please.

Tommy from LingQ

no, any lessons. this video from: Hello. How are you? LingQ 101 - Getting Started. When I scroll down, the audio stops. But if I don’t, it plays to the end.

Ah okay, I see. Really appreciate the video. We’ll investigate to see what’s causing this and fix it.


Mikola_gal can you please email iossuport from within the app? This will send your log so we can better investigate.

TO do so, go to More → Help → Email Support

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