[bug] incorrect audio statistics

I think someone has already reported this, but I couldn’t find the thread, so I’ll post again, cause I hope this is fixed in the next update. This bug is destroying everyone’s statistics, especially those who don’t realise it or do a lot of listening from the playlist.

On Android, the audio statistics are just plain wrong. This happens both in the playlist and when you listen to the audio within a lesson. You are recorded for having listened to the audio more times than you actually listened to it. For example, see screenshot below.

In reality I listened to this audio 1x, but in this example it is recorded as I listened to it 1.25x, which is obviously wrong. Please fix.


Thanks, we will look into this.

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It’s not only an overestimation, it’s also an underestimation at times. See two screenshots below, when I listened to each lesson exactly 1x.

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Thanks for that, I reported to our Android developers and we will hopefully have it figured out soon.

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