Bug in Vocabulary

If you added for example

“video hosting platform” is a phrase where you don’t know only word HOSTING

and then review it and give it a mark “Know” I wouldn’t count it as a new word that you know.

Why does it work that way?

Yeah, phrases do not count in Known Words stats, only individual words. That is how it always worked.

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why a phrase cant be divided into words and added to the library?

I mean what is a point to make a phrase if it doesn’t count?

Counting phrases in the “Known words” stats doesn’t really make sense. You can still select and save any individual word from a sentence, make a LingQ of it, or make it Known. That way it will of course count.

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I can see a case for this for certain idioms and phrases (that require a specific context) to make sense.

You might not know every individual word, but you know how to use a particular phrase in its appropriate context and therefore want to mark that phrase known.

However, I also see the logic in keeping the “marking known” feature to individual words, even though LingQ is about learning with context and phrases are just a form of context (if “over-simplified”).