Bug in most recent app update

I’m having problems with loading lessons from the course screens. In the Mini Stories for example, all 60 in any given course will appear but after a few seconds, they’ll become scrambled as I scroll down. If I attempt to re-sort them, usually by “Oldest”, it’ll quickly scramble itself again and several dozen lessons disappear during that time so less than half of the course’s lessons are then visible. Therefore, the only way I can complete the lessons consecutively is by going into each individual lesson and clicking the “Next Lesson” button, since it won’t allow me to do it from the Course screen.

Sorry to hear that. Are you using iOS or Android app?

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Android. It worked fine prior to the update, but now it reorders everything as I’m scrolling down and I can’t find the lesson that I’m looking for unless I do it the long way because of the app automatically randomly rearranging and removing the lessons.

Thanks, I asked our team to look into the issue.