[BUG] imported news articles do not autocount words

I very much appreciate the ‘news’ tab on LingQ. Now that my Italian is getting better, I can start to read the news.

One bug that I’ve noticed (on Android) is when I open a news article, from the news tab, and click import, if I were to read this lesson and click ‘complete lesson’, it does not record my words read. See screenshot below.

If I half read the lesson (eg. 50%), close it, then open the lesson later to finish reading it, it will autorecord the words read then. So, when I click ‘complete lesson’, in this example, it will say 0.5x read (that is, autorecording only from my second opening of the lesson).

So it appears the bug of autorecording words read occurs only on the first opening, as I import the lesson.

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Thanks, we will look into this.

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